Majlinda, Mirjeta, Miranda
Majlinda, Mirjeta, Miranda


Art Critic

„I learned for the first time about Gazmend Freitag and his work in November 2013 when it was presented at the PEN Club’s Illyricum Anthology, and was immediately fascinated with the high quality and expressive power of his pictures.  The next step was to invite him to exhibit them at the Osteria Allora art.wallensteinplatz in Vienna, as part of bilder.worte.töne. It was a wonderful joint effort on our part and the exhibition of “Albanian Impressionism” held on January 9-15, 2014 was very well received.

Gazmend Freitag is not only an outstanding painter of nudes and portraits, but he also understands how to transpose pictorial themes such as landscapes from his home country or motifs from mythology into his paintings and drawings, joining the great names in contemporary international art.

He consistently dedicates himself in his artistic work to the human figure and portraits. Much of it embodies the “beautiful moments” artists cherish, in the style of Classical Modernism that features the interplay between Impressionism and Expressionism.

In addition, Gazmend Freitag’s work incorporates numerous other motifs: autobiographical elements, countryside scenes from his birthplace (Pataqani i Poshtëm, Kosovo), numerous portraits of people, childhood memories, nudes, still lifes and much more.  His talent lies in being quite versatile with different techniques such as graphics, oil painting and drawing with pencil, chalk and ink.

The works produced by Gazmend Freitag testify to the spiritual sensibility of an extremely ambitious artist who has been urged to draw and paint ever since he was a child.

In Linz, his new home, he has enjoyed much success as an artist, with his work appearing in a number of international exhibitions.  Yet he stays in close contact with other artists and liaises with them.“


URSULA PFEIFFER, kunst-projekte



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