Monat: Juni 2015


C H R O N O L O G I E   1968   Geburt am 25. Mai in Pataqani i Poshtem, Republik Kosovo 1986   Fachgymnasium in Prizren als Verwaltungsfachwirt 1988   Studium an der Juristischen Fakultät in Prishtina, 2 Semester 1990    Flucht nach  Deutschland, Baden-Württenberg 1991    Heirat mit Kristin Freitag 1993    Geburt der Tochter Majlinda 1996    Geburt der Tochter Mirjeta 1997    Geburt der Tochter Miranda 2000    Trennung von Kristin 2003    Aufenthalt in Kosovo und Albanien 2004    Übersiedlung nach Österreich, Oberösterreich 2011    Bekanntschaft mit Nadege Picq 2012    Mitwirkung bei der Anthologie „Illyricum“ auf Albanisch 2013    Mitglied bei :::kunstprojekte::: in Wien 2013    Mitwirkung bei der Anthologie „Illyricum“ auf Deutsch 2013    Aktzeichnen Universitätslehrgang an der                                                        Kunstuniversität Linz bei Mag. Annelies Oberdanner 2014    Trennung von Nadege 2015    Zeichenworkshops bei KAMA Linz 2015    Illustrator beim Axiomy Verlag …


ART IS ETERNAL AND I LOVE THE BEAUTY AND COLORFUL LIVES PEOPLE LIVE Gazmend Freitag was born in 1968 in Pataqani i Poshtem, Kosovo. His artistic talent was already evident when he was a child. Political changes in long-oppressed Kosovo, along with the closure of the University of Pristina, where he was studying at the Faculty of Law, prompted him in 1990 to flee to Germany, where he remained until 2003. While there, he returned to what had been his childhood passion – art. Since 2004 he has lived in Linz, Upper Austria and has had his work shown in national and international exhibitions and art fairs. His favorite subjects are femininity, nudes, still lifes, landscapes and portraits. Much of his artwork has been inspired by such well-known artists as Pablo Picasso and Albanian-Italian painter Maler Ibrahim Kodra. In addition, he maintains a lively exchange with colleague artists. Freitag understands how to transpose sensitively the landscapes of his homeland or motifs from mythology to his oil paintings and his ink and pencil drawings. Many of …


I feel like I have some of the qualities of a chameleon. I’m full of colors and I get easily absorbed by the beauty of my surroundings. It’s quite difficult not to do so, if you see something so nice. A lonely boat on the Danube. The reflection on the water surface is amazing. It all looks so quiet and peaceful. But do not forget, the river has its own strength, story and life. It creates conditions for many different spieces to thrive and brings us work, rest and beauty. Enjoy our beautiful Danube and be thankful for those gorgeous scenes it provides us.


….“when I draw, I put my heart in my paintings. It is quiet personal matter. I’m happy when I see my pictures hanging on the walls. But parting with them can be difficult. I have a feeling like a part of my heart goes away.“ „Art is my life. I paint my dreams, my fantasies but I also like to capture expressions on people’s faces. When people appreciate my art it makes me perfectly happy.“ Love Art & Keep smiling.


  Freies Zeichnen vom Stillleben mit Gazmend Freitag für AnfängerInnen 13.06.2015 15:00 – 18:00 Der Treffpunkt ist am Bauernberg (Eingang 139, Bernardistraße) Bei schlechtem Wetter treffen wir uns im Luft*raum. Das Zeichnen-Workshop ist für alle, die Spaß am Zeichnen haben. Der Park wird uns im Frühling viele Motive anbieten zum entdecken unserer künstlerischen Fähigkeiten. Der Künstler Gazmend steht mit seinem Wissen jederzeit zur Verfügung! Wir werden mit Bleistift und Kreide hantieren. Jeder soll bitte sein eigenes Material (Bleistift, Zeichenpapier, Zeichenbrett/Karton) mitnehmen. Falls dies nicht möglich ist, bitte im Vorhinein bekannt geben, dann werden wir versuchen es für euch zu besorgen. Kosten je nach Bedarf an Zeichenutensilien und freie Spende für die Kursleitung Jause, Getränke und alles zum gemütlichen Zeichnen notwendig ist, bitte selbst in den Park mitbringen. Wir freuen uns auf euch!


Eqrem Kryeziu lindi më 15 shkurt të vitit 1948 në Pagarushë, në komunën e Malishevës, Kosovë, është politikan dhe profesor i letërsisë shqipe, doktoroi në vitin 2007 në shkenca filologjike në Universitetin e Prishtinës. Që nga themelimi i LDK-së në Kosovë dhe deri në kuvendin e tretë zgjedhor të degës ka qenë Kryetar i Degës së saj në Prizren. Pas zgjedhjeve të vitit 1998 është zgjedhur anëtar i kryesisë ndërsa pas atyre të vitit 2006 është zgjedhur nënkryetar i parë i LDK-së në Prishtinë. Përndryshe që nga viti 1972 Eqrem Kryeziu ishte i angazhuar në arsim. Në vitin 2006 ai ishte kryetar i komunës së Prizrenit