Gazmend Freitag porträtiert Klara Buda

Gazmend Freitag: Klara Buda, 2016

Klara Buda is an Albanian American journalist and writer. She was the chief of Albanian Departement of Radio France Internationale in Paris. She is of French nationality and Albanian ethnicity. She writes prose, poesy and scenarios de fiction as well as TV script and live between New York and Paris.

Klara Buda was born in Elbasan, Albania. Since 1990, she worked as a professional journalist in Paris, France. In 1999, during the Kosovo War she animated the First Albanian edition of Radio France Internationaleand in 2000 became the head of Albanian Department of RFI.

In 2011, she founded in NYC the „Beratinus Media“, TV and Film Production and in 2013, an online Gazette to promote the global citizen journalism. In 2014, she created, hosted and directedAlbania I love You, a TV show, which through portraits of prominent characters analyze the Albanian complexity, evolution of traditional rites and customs towards the transition years within and outside the borders.





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  1. What I like in this drawing is the emotion it transmits. If you look closely, you will discover that the lines in my face form the shape of a heart…. and this gives a spiritual dimension to this drawing which is far from being simple . Gazmend Freitag has the gift of painting the face and the spirit with only a few lines… and that is great!

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