Dipl. Ing. Monika Budd

About the Albanian Artist Gazmend Freitag, the man, the artist, a creative individual

Full of ideas, colors and creative soul. Opened personality, friendly and kind. The art professionals say that he is a great talent, modern and an innovative artist whose works are somewhere between realism and impressionism.

Gazmend Freitag has already achieved a success in the artistic world. His pictures and his participation in various world exhibitions are quite convincing. It confirmes that the talent and artistic creativity have no limits.

What personally fascinates me about Mr. Freitag is his friendly and opened personality, how he enjoys life, the talent and healthy self-confidence and artistic ambition.

I heard that the name „Gazmend“ means „joy“ in his native language. Although he comes from Kosovo and the political changes had very serious impact on his life, he told me that he has never felt the revenge. He could not finish his studies at the law faculty due to political problems in his homeland. Despite that he does not seem to be bitter about it.  In contrary he is able, with his talent and optimistic soul, to give joy und hapiness to others.

His pictures – especially portraits – but also still lifes have already made several people happy. I do not know how would Mr. Freitag be as a lawyer. Now is very clear that we have lost a lawyer but the world has found a great artist.

The art should bring us joy and I think that Mr. Freitag has done a good job in this field.

And what shoud I say to the end?  Well I do not feel competent to judge his work since I’m not a professional Artist or have no formal artistic education. All I wanted was to express my personal wish that Gazmend Freitag will always have enough creative ideas, thanks to his talent he would be able to transform them into beautiful artistic masterpieces. The masterpieces that will be very positively evalued by the artistic and professional audience. But I also wish him that his paintings will always find their place in hearts of regular people who will get his pictures as gifts.

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