Top 10 Most Popular Paintings of Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag 

was born on the 25th of May 1968 in Pataçani i Poshtëm in the Albanian part of Kosovo. He is well known for his sensitive renditions of the landscapes and the mythological motives of his country, done in oil, ink and pencil. Strong brushwork and vibrant colors are the hallmark of his paintings. Much of his work is centered upon “beautiful moments” in the tradition of Classical Modernism, with a focus on the European Impressionists.


01 – Baresha


Oil portrait of an Albanian Baresha who is not as traditional as it seems. Colorful portrait of an Albanian shepherdess. She looks more like an Albanian princess than a shepherdess. I want to show that the most important thing in life is not what kind of work you do, but how happy it makes you. This picture has been selected for the 1st  Biennale of Creativity in Verona in February 2014.

02 – Stone Bridge in Prizren

Ura e gurit në Prizren nga Gazmend Freitag, 2013. Koleksion privat

Gazmend Freitags relationship with Kosovo and the town where he was born is deeply emotional and also an expression of pride in the history of the Albanian nation and the beauty of Albanian nature. That is why he has immortalized the Old Stone Bridge (Ura e Gurit) of Prizren in its characteristic scenic surroundings. (In a private collection)

03 – The Kiss


Joe Leitner is the operator of the first Artroom-Fanpage on facebook. June 2013 he organized the first VAKO- exhibition, based on his concept of variable communication. A diverse group of artist friends from facebook was invited to move from virtual space into the real-life artroom of Hubert Thunhofer, Ringstrassen Galleries.

Here I met the “real” Joe Leitner and his wife Traudi. In front of one of my paintings they shared a deep and intimate kiss and appeared to have forgotten everything else around them. I was touched and inspired and knew that I was going to paint a picture of this kiss.

04 – Valentina


Vacation and a photograph are the inspiration for this painting, which transfers the viewer to the Adriatic Coast. We run alongside Valentina and enjoy the shore, the sun, the ocean and endless freedom. An invitation to dream and to feel at ease.

 05 – Sonjuschka’s Dance 


Gazmend Freitag sees his fellow artist Sonjuschka as the subjective embodiment of the modern feminine ideal of beauty: her shoulder-length blonde hair, charming and with much heart and soul. His colleague’s passion for dance has been captured in a sensitive style.

06 – The Eagle 

Der Adler by Gazmend Freitag, 2015

In mythology, the eagle is linked with the sun. Its power, strength and radiance make it the world’s most important emblem, right after the lion. The eagle not only rules the air, but is also a totem animal. All of this is expressed in this wonderful painting.

07 – African Dance


Paintings should evoke specific emotions and capture a special moment . African Dance radiates joy of life and impresses with a firework of colors. Who does not want to join in this beautiful, life affirming laughter?

08 – The Nibelungen bridge in Linz


A bridge that links the past to the future. At one end, where the bridge runs between houses and opens into the main square, the allied occupying forces put their military post. After they withdrew, the bridge and its mighty pillars remained. They thrust themselves into the viewer’s eyes, just like the blue of the river, which oscillates between light and dark and merges in some areas into a shimmering and friendly white

09 – The railway bridge in Linz

Eisenbahnbrücke in Linz by Gazmend Freitag, 2016

A picture for the ages – the old railway bridge in Linz!

“There’s something in a bridge that strikes a chord in me. Any bridge that is torn down leaves a void that can never again be filled.“

In 2016 the 116-year-old historical railway bridge in Linz had to be dismantled due to its poor condition and replaced with a new structure. Since I have a special bond to bridges of all kinds, I felt the need to preserve the view for posterity. The result is an enormous oil painting of the old “Iron Lady” titled the “Linz Railway Bridge”

10 – The young Nadege 


Gazmend Freitag and the young  Nadége

What happens when an artist meets his muse? He becomes inspired and obsessed with by her presence and can’t stop painting day and night. The results are historical interpretations (“Baresha”) and a vast collection of portraits that pay homage to their relationship.

The painting of the young Nadége occupies a special place in this Pantheon of Inspiration. Executed in oil on premium canvas in the style of the Old Masters, it shows her at eighteen years on the threshold between girl and woman. The portrait is suffused with a dreamily erotic air and shows her looking with a touching mixture of insecurity and curiosity towards the uncertain and yet promising future.

Veröffentlicht von gazmendfreitag

I’m a Kosovar artist living and making art in Linz, Austria. I was born in Pataqani i Poshtëm, Republic of Kosovo on 25 May 1968.

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