Monat: März 2018

Gazmend Freitag porträtiert Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen

Gazmend Freitag: Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen, 2015   Am 10. Oktober 2015 war ich als Künstler mit ein paar Werken bei der Vergabe des Weltmenschpreises im Gemeindezentrum Pfaffstätten vertreten. Der Gründer des Weltmenschvereins, der Badener Autor Memet Zeki Metin, hatte mich dazu eingeladen. Hier lernte ich Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen, Gründerin und Präsidentin des Vereins zur Förderung des Friedens, kennen. Zu meiner großen Freude wünschte sie sich, dass ich sie porträtiere. Keti Berisha hat freundlicherweise die Fotos gemacht. In den darauffolgenden Tagen habe ich das Portrait von Frau Habsburg-Lothringen realisiert.

Top 10 Most Popular Paintings of Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag was born on the 25th of May in Pataqani i Poshtem in the Albanian part of Kosovo. He is a well known contemporary painter. Since 2004 he lives in Linz, Austria. 2013 and 2014 he attended the live nude drawing class with Annelies Oberdanner at the University of Arts, Linz. His work is full of life and uses strong brushwork and vibrant colors to put the focus on people and scenery. 01 — Baresha Oil portrait of an Albanian Baresha who is not as traditional as it seems.Colorful portrait of an Albanian shepherdess. She looks more like an Albanian princess than a shepherdess. I want to show that the most important thing in life is not what kind of work you do, but how happy it makes you. This picture has been selected for the 1st Biennale of Creativity in Verona in February 2014. 02 — The young Nadege What happens when an artist meets his muse? He becomes inspired and obsessed with by her presence and can’t stop painting day and night. The results are historical interpretations (“Baresha”) and a …

Portraits of the Famous by Gazmend Freitag

Albanian artist Gazmend Freitag (1968) in front of his paintings at exhibition to Embassy of Albania in Vienna, 2015. Photo: Keti Berisha   Fascination and respect – portraits of the Famous by Gazmend Freitag What motivates an artist to draw the portraits of historical and contemporary figures? Fascination and respect, is the opinion of the painter Gazmend Freitag, whose portfolio celebrates the successful, courageous, kind, creative and beautiful people of the world.  A special place in the heart and the ever expanding collection of the artist is reserved for those poets, fighters and philosophers, whose life and work is crucial to the identity and history of the Albanian people. (Monika Grill)