Gazmend Freitag shows his work at the ART Salzburg

Gazmend Freitag in the front of his painting „The first time I saw you!“ Linz, 2018.
Photo: Johann Traunwieser

Gazmend Freitag is a contemporary painter of Albanian origin, known for his colorful oils and detailed drawings in pencil. As part of the Kosovo Diaspora, he fled to Germany in 1990. 2013 he moved to Linz and studied figure drawing at the University of Linz with Professor Anneliese Oberdanner, a well-known expert in her field.

Having been driven from his homeland, a fate he shares with countless refugees of the present time, Gazmend Freitag memories of the landscapes and people of his youth play an important role in his work as a painter and illustrator. Of equal importance are portraits of old and new friends, nude drawings and impressions of his city of Linz. His renderings of bridges old and new, Albanian and Austrian, are a way of connecting the past and the present and symbolize the international quality of his work.

Gazmend Freitag chosen style is a modern form of Realism that pays tribute to Classical Modern Art, with elements from both Impressionism and Expressionism. A master of the figurative painting, he conveys the emotions drawn from the observation of his surroundings and introduces new stylistic dimensions. His love of “beautiful moments” shows in vibrant colours, idyllic landscapes and an aura of romanticism.

Gazmend Freitag work can be enjoyed at the ART Salzburg the following days:

Thursday, October 18, 6.30 PM
Friday, October 19, 9 AM – 6PM
Saturday, October 20, 9AM – 6PM
Sunday, October 21, 9AM – 5PM

Messezentrum Salzburg. Am Messezentrum, 1, A-5020 Salzburg

Stand C06/07 Galerie Artinnovation

Als ich sie das erste Mal sah!
Gazmend Freitag: The first time I saw you! 2018, oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

The first encounter, the first glance… we all know that special moment, when everything seems possible and the world is a wonderful place. Gazmend Freitag catches the magic and expectations of such a moment on canvas. Radiant Green and Red communicate a sense of immediate aliveness. The focus of the painting – the young woman- is bathed in light and appears to be glowing from within. To give expression to his feelings, the artist has put himself into the frame as an adoring observer, who tenderly reaches for his dream.

Gazmend Freitag ART Salzburg Contemporary 2018
ART Salzburg Contemporary 2018
Gazmend Freitag ART Salzburg Contemporary 2018

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