Portrait of Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag with self portrait 2020. © Johann Traunwieser

The new work of Albanian Artist Gazmend Freitag shows his „doppelgänger“, the entity with whom he spent the weeks of quarantine in his studio in Linz in Upper Austria.  Colorful, strong  and ready for action they present themselves now to the public. And answer four questions put to them by writer Monika Grill.

Monika Grill: You just finished your new self portrait. Like everyone else you had to abide by the quarantine regulations. How did you do, alone in your studio, without being able to see your friends?

Gazmend Freitag: This is nothing new for me. I am always painting and I do that without company. But I did feel a bit lonely, since evenings I love meeting friends for a glas of red wine.

Monika Grill: I remember your self portrait from 2014. What has changed for you since then?

Gazmend Freitag: My style has turned more realistic, figurative and dramatic. The colors are stronger. I am bolder. To be honest, I like the new painting a whole lot better. And I feel exactly the way I made myself look.

Monika Grill: Do you feel any older?

Gazmend Freitag: No, not at all. But I look much more towards the future. I have processed the past in my paintings. Now I am curious about what is to come.

Monika Grill: Now my question to your doppelgänger: Did the two of you keep the mandated distance to avoid infecting each other?

Doppelgänger: We behaved in an exemplary manner. And infected each other only with enthusiasm and many bright colors.

Gazmend Freitag: Selbstporträt, 2020,80 x 80 cm, Öl auf Leinwand
Gazmend Freitag: self portrait, 2020, oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm

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