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Black hat and red ribbon – Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag, Linz, 2019. Photo: Johann Traunwieser What inspires an artist? A photograph by an Italian photographer found in a collection of old books. A woman that entices the mind and the heart. A black hat with a red ribbon. Together they add up to a lovely painting that exudes an aura of youth, playfulness and romanticism. The Albanian born painter Gazmend Freitag, who lives and works in Linz, Austria, is known for his colorful erotic paintings and his lovely portraits in pencil and pastels. Here he uses strong brushstrokes, complementary colors and a wonderful play of light to define the rather ethereal appearance of a young woman, who seems to try on the black hat as a source of strength and confidence. The casually held towel mirrors the red of the ribbon and serves as a counterweight. Text: Monika Grill Werbeanzeigen

Gazmend Freitag – The first time I saw you!

Gazmend Freitag  „The first time I saw you!“ Linz, 2018. Photo: Johann Traunwieser The first encounter, the first glance… we all know that special moment, when everything seems possible and the world is a wonderful place. Gazmend Freitag catches the magic and expectations of such a moment on canvas. Radiant Green and Red communicate a sense of immediate aliveness. The focus of the painting – the young woman- is bathed in light and appears to be glowing from within. To give expression to his feelings, the artist has put himself into the frame as an adoring observer, who tenderly reaches for his dream. Text: Monika Grill Photo: Johann Traunwieser


Impressions of the sword and helmet of Skanderbeg by the painter Gazmend Freitag In 2014 Gazmend Freitag visited  the Museum of Art-History in Vienna to engage in a dialogue with the helmet and sword of Skanderbeg which are of personal and cultural importance to every Albanian. In hours of study and observation he gained a sense of these historical objects and how they might be presented in the best possible way. Photographs were taken and set aside. In January 2017 Gazmend Freitag felt that the time was right and began to translate his impressions into art. The result is a still life drenched in blood and two inanimate objects that have come to life and engage the observer in an unexpected dialogue. One cannot escape the impression that they have been hurled from the past into the future and that they have become visible for one brief moment before their trajectory carries them on to their intended target. Especially the goat’s head appears to be infused with magic and poised to look into a future …

Ausstellung: Eroticism – Gazmend Freitag

Eroticism Erotik hängt nicht nur von der sexuellen Moral des Einzelnen ab, sondern auch von der Kultur und der Zeit, in der er lebt. HONORÉ DE BALZAC Die menschliche Figur, vor allem die Darstellungen von Frauen ist die Thematik, mit der sich Gazmend Freitag in seiner Kunst ständig beschäftigt. Portraits und Aktzeichnungen von Frauen, die er persönlich kennt, mit denen er befreundet ist oder die selbst Künstlerinnen sind, fertigt er mit Sinnlichkeit und Leidenschaft an. Somit hat die Akt-Malerei einen großen Stellenwert in Freitags künstlerischem Schaffen. Er hat sich ihr so sehr verschrieben, dass er  sogar einen diesbezüglichen Lehrgang an der Kunstuniversität Linz besucht hat, um sich wesentliche Grundlagen dafür anzueignen. Das Ergebnis sind nicht nur zahlreiche Studien mit Bleistift, sondern auch großformatige Ölgemälde, die stilistisch zwischen modernem Impressionismus und Expressionismus angesiedelt sind. URSULA PFEIFFER STRANDGUT – Verein für bildende Kunst, Kleinkunst und Literatur Ottensheimer Strasse 25 | 4040 Linz VERNISSAGE: 17.05.2018, 20.00 Uhr Ausstellung bis 12.07.2018. KULTURVEREIN STRANDGUT W e r k e:  

Top 10 Most Popular Paintings of Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag was born on the 25th of May in Pataqani i Poshtem in the Albanian part of Kosovo. He is a well known contemporary painter. Since 2004 he lives in Linz, Austria. 2013 and 2014 he attended the live nude drawing class with Annelies Oberdanner at the University of Arts, Linz. His work is full of life and uses strong brushwork and vibrant colors to put the focus on people and scenery. 01 — Baresha Oil portrait of an Albanian Baresha who is not as traditional as it seems.Colorful portrait of an Albanian shepherdess. She looks more like an Albanian princess than a shepherdess. I want to show that the most important thing in life is not what kind of work you do, but how happy it makes you. This picture has been selected for the 1st Biennale of Creativity in Verona in February 2014. 02 — The young Nadege What happens when an artist meets his muse? He becomes inspired and obsessed with by her presence and can’t stop painting day and night. The results are historical interpretations (“Baresha”) and a …

Gazmend Freitag and Vittorio Sgarbi

Gazmend Freitag, Vittorio Sgarbi, Verona, 13.02.2014 1st Biennale of the Creativity, Verona It’s pleasure for me to be here in Verona. Here is a special atmosphere and so much to see. The Biennale of Creativity give me the oppotunity to know the artist landscape in Italy and an other culture. I have to say I’m feeling like at home here. Beautiful!!! Grazie mile!  

Gazmend Freitag, Photo

Gazmend Freitag  was born on the 25th of May 1968 in Pataçani i Poshtëm in the Albanian part of Kosovo. He is well known for his sensitive renditions of the landscapes and the mythological motives of his country, done in oil, ink and pencil. Strong brushwork and vibrant colors are the hallmark of his paintings. Much of his work is centered upon “beautiful moments” in the tradition of Classical Modernism, with a focus on the European Impressionists. PHOTO: ELFRIEDE ÖSTERLE