EFFETTO ARTE: Caterina Randazzo

Caterina Randazzo Gazmend Freitag è un artista che conosce bene i segreti delle figurazione e li utilizza per produrre opere di ottima fattura. Sulla tela, in particolare con i ritratti, riesce a convogliare le emozioni tratte dall’osservazione di ciò che lo circonda, aprendo verso nuove dimensioni stilistiche. La figurazione del pittore Gazmend Freitagdeve essere intesa„EFFETTO ARTE: Caterina Randazzo“ weiterlesen

Gazmend Freitag – Art në shina

Gazmend Freitag: Art në shina. © Wilson Holz Piktori Gazmend Freitag ka kënaqësinë të jetë pjesë e jetës publike në qytetin e Linzit dhe kultivon bashkëveprimin me artistët tjerë dhe publikun. Kështu që ështe e natyrshme për te të ulet në shinat e trenit në Stacionin e Linzit në Austri dhe ta përcjellë vetë portretin„Gazmend Freitag – Art në shina“ weiterlesen

Art Salzburg Contemporary – Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag, 2019. © Johann Traunwieser Gazmend Freitag, an Albanian born artist living in Linz, Austria, presents his portrait of VALENTINA at the ART Salzburg (September 27 to September 29 2019). Sun, sand, water and a young woman enjoying the Adriatic coast make for a lively painting  that exudes wellbeing and freedom. The internationally known„Art Salzburg Contemporary – Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen

The red bed – Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag: The red bed, 2014, oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm The red bed Red, white and green form the stage on which a young woman appears to lie lost in thought before or after lovemaking. Clean shapes and extensively applied colours create a sense of powerful feelings. The angle of bed and„The red bed – Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen


GAZMEND FREITAG was born on 25 May 1968 in Pataqani i Poshtëm, Kosovo. At the time, his father Asllan had emigrated and was working in Lyon, France. Even though his mother Qamile could barely read and write, she was described as a generous, endearing and good-hearted woman. She gave birth altogether to five boys, of„THE SECOND NOVEMBER BY GAZMEND FREITAG“ weiterlesen

Majlinda Cakshiri – Gazmend Freitag

  Gazmend Freitag: Majlinda Cakshiri 2016, laps në  letër. Koleksion privat! Statement nga Majlinda Cakshiri për Gazmend Freitag  Kurrë skisha ëndërruar që piktori i madh Gazmend Freitag do bënte portretin tim… Është e çuditshme por shumë herë e kam ndjerë kaq të ngrohtë… Kaq afër… Gishtat e gjatë të bardhë… Atë vështrim të qetë… Sytë… Sytë e„Majlinda Cakshiri – Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen


MY LINZ Seit ich in Österreich lebe, hat sich die Dynamik in meiner Kunst stark beschleunigt. Besonders die letzten Jahre, seit ich in Linz lebe, ist die Stadt eine Quelle meiner künstlerischen Inspiration geworden. MY LINZ Since living in Austria my art has evolved considerebly and my creative development has picked up speed. Especially the„MY LINZ“ weiterlesen

Stranded aircraft – Gazmend Freitag

Stranded aircraft Gjirokastër Castle is a fortress in Gjirokaster, Southern Albania. The castle dominates the town and overlooks the strategically important route along the river valley. It contains a military museum featuring captured artillery and memorabilia of the Communist resistance against German occupation, as well the remains of a United States Air Force T33 Shooting„Stranded aircraft – Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen


JOHN FOX, Journalist & Press Photographer Eine Modeschau mit Herz… …es fand am 28.10.2015 die jährliche Modeschau by Brautcouture Beran in der lebenden Galerie im Kunstforum Vösendorf statt. In Mitten der wunderbaren Kunstwerke der nat. und int. Künstler wurden die Kreationen von ausgefallenen Modeschau- und Preiskleidern bis zu Abendmode und Brautmode präsentierten vorgeführt von symphatischen Models„JOHN FOX: EINE MODESCHAU MIT HERZ“ weiterlesen


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