Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag, 2019. Photo: Hans Steininger About the artist Gazmend Freitag was born on 25 May 1968 in Pataçani i Poshtëm, Kosovo. Even as a child Gazmend demonstrated a talent for drawing and devoted himself to literature. After graduation in 1987 Gazmend started studying law in Pristina. After two semesters at the University of Pristina access was„Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen

Gazmend Freitag – Pressefotos

Gazmend Freitag, 2016. Photo: Elfriede Österle  

„THE MOMENT AFTER” by Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag: „THE MOMENT AFTER”, 2010  © Gazmend Freitag   A sensual portrait of two lovers, caught in „THE MOMENT AFTER”. Color plays a vital role in the oilpaintings of Gazmend Freitag and does the same here. A subtle Pink highlights the emotional and physical connection between the two protagonists and creates a unique dynamic in„„THE MOMENT AFTER” by Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen

Show Art: Gazmend Freitag – Eroticism

Gazmend Freitag in his studio, Linz, Austria, 2018 Photo: Kristina Fuchs   E x h i b i t: May 17 2018, 8.:00 PM Gallery Strandgut Ottensheimer Strasse 25 | 4040 Linz | Austria Gazmend Freitag – Eroticism Eroticism does not only hinge on the sexual morality of each person but also on the culture and time„Show Art: Gazmend Freitag – Eroticism“ weiterlesen

Erotizmi – Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag, 2018. © Kristina Fuchs Erotika nuk varet vetëm nga morali seksual i individit, por edhe nga koha dhe kultura e mjedisit ku ai jeton. HONORÉ DE BALZAC Figura njerëzore, sidomos portetizmi i gruas është tematika me cilën Gazmendi merret vazhdimisht në artin e tij. Ai me sensualitet dhe pasion krijon portetet dhe aktet„Erotizmi – Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen

Ausstellung: Eroticism – Gazmend Freitag

Eroticism Erotik hängt nicht nur von der sexuellen Moral des Einzelnen ab, sondern auch von der Kultur und der Zeit, in der er lebt. HONORÉ DE BALZAC Die menschliche Figur, vor allem die Darstellungen von Frauen ist die Thematik, mit der sich Gazmend Freitag in seiner Kunst ständig beschäftigt. Portraits und Aktzeichnungen von Frauen, die„Ausstellung: Eroticism – Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen

Top 10 Most Popular Paintings of Gazmend Freitag

Albanian artist Gazmend Freitag (1968) in front of his self portrait at studio in Linz. (Photo by Johann Traunwieser) Gazmend Freitag was born on the 25th of May 1968 in Pataçani i Poshtëm in the Albanian part of Kosovo. He is a well known contemporary painter. Since 2004 he lives in Linz, Austria. 2013 and 2014 he„Top 10 Most Popular Paintings of Gazmend Freitag“ weiterlesen

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