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Black hat and red ribbon – Gazmend Freitag

Gazmend Freitag, Linz, 2019. Photo: Johann Traunwieser What inspires an artist? A photograph by an Italian photographer found in a collection of old books. A woman that entices the mind and the heart. A black hat with a red ribbon. Together they add up to a lovely painting that exudes an aura of youth, playfulness and romanticism. The Albanian born painter Gazmend Freitag, who lives and works in Linz, Austria, is known for his colorful erotic paintings and his lovely portraits in pencil and pastels. Here he uses strong brushstrokes, complementary colors and a wonderful play of light to define the rather ethereal appearance of a young woman, who seems to try on the black hat as a source of strength and confidence. The casually held towel mirrors the red of the ribbon and serves as a counterweight. Text: Monika Grill Werbeanzeigen

The first time I saw you!

Gazmend Freitag: The first time I saw you! 2018, oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm   The first encounter, the first glance… we all know that special moment, when everything seems possible and the world is a wonderful place. Gazmend Freitag catches the magic and expectations of such a moment on canvas. Radiant Green and Red communicate a sense of immediate aliveness. The focus of the painting – the young woman- is bathed in light and appears to be glowing from within. To give expression to his feelings, the artist has put himself into the frame as an adoring observer, who tenderly reaches for his dream. Text: Monika Grill


Valentina Vacation and a photograph are the inspiration for this painting, which transfers the viewer to the Adriatic Coast. We run alongside Valentina and enjoy the shore, the sun, the ocean and endless freedom. An invitation to dream and to feel at ease. A picture for the ages – the old railway bridge in Linz! “There’s something in a bridge that strikes a chord in me. Any bridge that is torn down leaves a void that can never again be filled.“ In 2016 the 116-year-old historical railway bridge in Linz had to be dismantled due to its poor condition and replaced with a new structure. Since I have a special bond to bridges of all kinds, I felt the need to preserve the view for posterity. The result is an enormous oil painting of the old “Iron Lady” titled the “Linz Railway Bridge”   Oil portrait of an Albanian Baresha who is not as traditional as it seems. Colorful portrait of an Albanian shepherdess. She looks more like an Albanian princess than a shepherdess. I want to show …