TitulTirana TimesBy Tirana Times January 8, 2016

Rudina HOXHA

Gazmend Freitag is a Kosovo artist who is living and making art in Linz, Austria. He was born on May 25, 1968 in Pataqani i Poshtem. In an exclusive interview with “Tirana Times”, the artist confesses his love for his hometown and especially for Albania as the land of great figures like Skanderbeg, Naim Frasheri or Andon Zako Cajupi who have inspired his talent.

“Wherever I live and work, the longing for my land accompanies me constantly and is part of my life,” he says, testifying his spiritual sensitivity.

In this context, he expresses his greatest wish to present his art even in Tirana and in Kosovo as well very soon.

Freitag’s works encompass numerous motifs: autobiographical elements, landscapes from the country of his birth, portraits of different people, memories from his childhood, nudes and figure drawings, still lifes and other subjects. He mainly uses techniques such as drawing with pencils, chalk and ink as well as oil paintings on canvas, among others.

How did you end up in Austria and what are your connections with the art community in such an involved culturally country?

The language of art opens up many possibilities for communication, actions and affirmations. I have been smoothly integrated in the art community in Austria where I displayed my works in joint and personal exhibitions.

In your view, should an artist move to another country to reach success?

May be, the artist should move in various places to present his/her art to the public. Of course, there is a difference between presenting your art in the metropolitan Tirana rather than in a province.

What is the place your hometown takes in your art?

The motives from my hometown take much space in my art. Besides the natural beauties of my hometown, there are even the motives from the Albanian mythology such as the figures of Skanderbeg, Aleksander Moisiu and many others. So, wherever I live and work, the longing for my land accompanies me constantly and is part of my life.

Have you been in Albania before? How much do you want to display your talent in your own country?

I was in Albania in 2003 for some long summer vacations. It was a nice moment which I will never forget. I have always loved Albania. Throughout my childhood, I have dreamt to visit Albania – the land of Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg, Naim Frasheri and Andon Zako Cajupi. My greatest wish is to open an exclusive exhibition in Tirana. In Kosovo as well!

What is far more important for an artist to highlight art – the gallery location is or the way the works have been displayed in that gallery?

To the young artists, their managers and curators take on much importance. In fact, the contacts are really important.

What is your message for 2016?

Spontaneously I think of Naim Frasheri’s saying “Punë punë natë e ditë, që të shohim pakëz dritë.” (“Work, work day and night, just to see a little light.”)




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