Monat: Juli 2015


Meine Portraits sind realistisch bis künstlerisch-realistisch. Ich betone gern manche typischen Merkmale. In meiner Kunst gibt es also zwei Seiten. Der Portraitzeichner, der es versucht, das Modell so wiederzugeben, wie er es vor sich hat. Und der Künstler, der sich mal die Freiheit nimmt, einige Details zu ändern oder andere Stile auszuprobieren. Portrait des albanischstämmigen Schauspielers Alexander Moissi. My portraits range from realistic to artistic Realism. I like to emphasize some of the typical characteristics found in portraits. But my art has two sides. First there drawing the portrait itself, where I try to reproduce the model as the person is seen. Then there is the artist, who sometimes takes the liberty to change a few details or try out some other styles. The portrait is of Alexander Moissi, a famous actor of Albanian origin. Werbeanzeigen


My place of birth is a small village in the Republic of Kosovo. Pataqani i Poshtëm – maybe too small to be seen on the map of the world. But quite significant on the map of my life. It’s the starting point. Maybe I had to leave to gain new knowledge, experiences, to meet new people, to built my artistic carrier and to spread my creative wings or to travel  just in order to realize how beloved this place was. I’m proud where I come from and whome I’ve became. And I will do everything that people in my birthplace could be proud of me. Childhood Gazmend Freitag was born on 25 May 1968 in Pataqani i Poshtëm, Kosovo. At the time, his father Asllan had emigrated and was working in Lyon, France.  Even though his mother Qamile could barely read and write, she was described as a generous, endearing and good-hearted woman. She gave birth altogether to five boys, of which Gazmend is the third oldest. His mother loved her children more than anything, taking …