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Rrit madhësinë e shkronjave


Gazmend Freitag with a grin across his face and his colleague Sonjuschka knowingly smiling, you have to ask yourself why they are so happy. As an artist, it is a fantastic feeling to find colleagues and like-minded people – something that makes working together an artistic and human experience, and Freitag and Sonjuschka together form an “Austro-Albanian Duo”.

This Golden Duo stands for development of international understanding. Only those who can understand and respect other cultures are going to be able to make the world a better place. You can literally see the joy on the artists’ faces. It will be interesting to see what the upcoming exhibitions will be like.

When Artists Are a Work of Art

When artists are a work of art: Gazmend Freitag, an artist who sees himself in his wonderful nude drawings and paintings is moving a step further in his collaboration with different artists – he will himself become an impressive work of art. An exceptional talent like Freitag captures the soul of the artist distinctive in him and in his work distinguishes him to the highest degree. The first picture in this series portrays Sonjuschka La Donna Artista, an artist created by God. A complete woman, like the mythical Lorelei, you could imagine her standing like a rock. You can almost see the sea in the background, indeed hear the waves gently rolling against the boulders. Freitag has created an extraordinary work, one that speaks of both his friendship and artistic connection to Sonjuschka, a compliment more beautiful just could not exist.

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